Lo que nos ocurrió al grabar a una chica violinista en el Metro de Boston y publicarlo en Youtube (Video)

Ocurrió en el mes de octubre del 2014.

Grabamos a una violinista en el Metro de la ciudad de Boston

Hace unos pocos días descubrió el video y nos escribió.

Era uno de los tantos reportajes que habitualmente grabamos y publicamos en Universo Increíble en Youtube.

Pero éste resultó diferente.

Video Text (Google Translate)

What happened to us to record a violinist girl on the Boston Metro and publish it on Youtube (Video)
It is a true story. Everything happened in October 2014.
We recorded a violinist who animated the Metro of the city of Boston.
It was one of the many reports that we usually publish in Universo Increible (Incredible Universe) on Youtube.
But this was different.
This is the image recorded those days of October of 2014, while we were discovering Boston. A while later I edited it for our channel on Youtube.
I loved that mixed atmosphere of trains with music and energy. Some travelers were following long, but my camera and microphone were always on it.
Finally from our train we saw how that moment disappeared. We thought that forever. We did not know what would happen a year later.
A couple of days ago, in this month of January, 2017, someone claimed to be that person through a comment on my Youtube channel.
That girl had found her video in Incredible Universe. She said she was very grateful and happy to have published it.
Without knowing it, we had discovered Ilana Katz, Composer, visual artist, novelist and violinist.
His happiness was shared because he told us that it was the first time that he found one of the hundreds of videos that are taken to him in the Metro of Boston.
For us it was the prize for smell and sensitivity, that a simple video report of supposedly unknown artists would turn around.
He told us that he has been playing in the Boston Metro for 8 years and other loving details.
But the best part was when we announced one of their next performances with a great band in the city of Sarasota, on February 19th.
Immediately the alarms went off.
We have begun to prepare all the measures for this new expedition.
We have the name and the atmosphere of the site, and above all the illusion of greeting our new friend Ilana Katz.
With this report we are only closing the second chapter of this incredible story that comes, goes and turns.
The third will be recorded in Sarasota, when we are in Blue Rooster, enjoying the atmosphere and music of Ilana Katz, the violinist of the Metro.
Who would have imagined it. A year after recording an unknown girl, travel We meet an excellent artist, to enjoy their music, without the sound of the Boston subways.
This is really an Incredible Universe.
I’m Oscar Suarez

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